Raise Your Hand (or Other Appendage) if You’re Bummed About Tumblr

As you've probably heard--since the whole internet is talking about it--Tumblr is banning adult content. They have non-consensual "revenge" porn in mind and child sexual abuse. These are obviously worthy topics of concern and should be policed. But banning all adult content that includes "real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples, and any content — including…

What’s yours called?

A great, wry discussion of why all sexy words are NOT created equal. I almost died laughing at “pork sword.” I’m eager to get to my word-of-the-week (title TBD) project up and running and start talking about connotation!

Libre Paley

The article below discusses words for male and female sexual parts in frank terms. It does not describe any acts, is meant to be partly humorous, and I think is only a little bit crude, but please do not read on if you’re likely to be offended.

Lengthy Problems and Sticky Issues

‘Cock’ appeared in the list of overly repeated words highlighted by my grammar checker* the other day. I’d stumbled on the same old problem, familiar I am sure to most erotica and erotic romance writers: what do you call ‘it’ – i.e. the male organ, the penis. Same goes for the other male sexual organs, not to mention the female ones.

For me, this is less an issue of bashful euphemism than a matter of creating mood and of personal taste. I am happy to be frank. I find (and so much of this is individual preference) terms such as…

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Romantica Ghostwriting Mills and How They’re Hurting Indie Romance Authors

UPDATE JUNE 2018 Mass production via ghostwriter has become more nefarious than ever for Kindle Self-Publishers due to "stuffing." Others have covered this better than me, but this is where a person includes multiple books (6+) within one book unit they've enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. These are pumped out en-masse by hiring ghostwriters at abominably…